Medford High School was again evacuated at approximately 12:20 PM, due to a transformer failure occuring in the main mechnical room in the sub basement of Medford High School. This created an electrical smell, which got caught in the vents. The Medford Fire Department immediately responded and indicated there was no fire. The transformer was shut down and vents were shut off. Please be advised this issue was totally unrelated to the earlier issue this morning.

“This was a new transformer, less than a month old. We will have a new one installed by next week”, said John McLaughlin, Director of Buildings and Grounds for the Medford Public Schools.

“No students or staff were in any danger. Once again, I appreciate the immediate response of both the Medford Fire and Police Departments. I would like to thank Headmaster Paul D’Alleva, Principal Chad Fallon, the High School and Vocational staff and the Buildings and Grounds Office for all of their assistance, as well as, the students who were so cooperative throughout both evacuations. They handled themselves like true Mustangs”, said Superintendent Edouard-Vincent.

Source: Medford Public Schools,

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