This is such a great idea!! :-) I have been a Medford resident since 2003 (12 years already, wow). In the house that I currently own, the previous owners had made no green renovations, and had not a single flower on-property. In the 1.5 years of our ownership, we have done so many things to “green up”. The list is long, so I’ll just post the ones that come quickly to mind here:

1) We are a certified wildlife habitat and a monarch waystation. We live along the “Over the Mystic” walking route, so we’ ve hung signs on our property to encourage walkers to notice how much you can do even on a small plot of land. As part of these certifications, we’ve planted a ton of native plants and flowers (including milkweed, which is essential for monarch reproduction). Almost everything on-property is now native, edible, or annual (with only 2 exceptions). We’ve provided shelter, water, and food for insects and birds (bird houses, water baths, insect hotels, etc).

2) We have installed rainbarrels, and re-directed the water flow from our gutters.

3) We have installed a vegetable garden, replacing the useless yew bushes that were previously inhabiting the space.

4) We have added a roofdeck using all sustainable materials, including bamboo decking from CaliBamboo.

5) We have purchased (but not yet received or installed) a honeybee hive to promote pollinators

6) When we needed a new car, we purchased a Prius-V (the ultimate family vehicle for environmentalists!)

7) We did the Next Step living energy assessment, and implemented most of their recommendations (and updated all of our thermostats, lighting, etc).

8) Because we have decent walkability to the Fells and to Medford Square, we walk! A lot! :-)

9) All of our energy is renewable, thanks to the National Grid Renewable Energy program (paying a few cents more can go a long way!).

10) We have committed to all-organic lawn care, including composting and NO other fertilizers or pesticides. We use a push-reel lawn mower.

11) Of COURSE we reduce, reuse, and recycle. Besides the typical recycle bins, we also call catalogs to discourage sending them (to reduce junk mail and thus reduce the recycling load). We re-use kids clothes and toys via the MFN swaps and local friends. And whatever cannot be reduced or re-used is recycled.

So many other things as well, but this is plenty for now!!

Go Medford! Go Green!

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