8th Grade Moving on Ceremony


On June 11th we had our 8th grade Moving on Ceremony at the McGlynn Middle School.

It was an amazing ceremony made possible by the efforts of our faculty members. I want to congratulate, once again, the McGlynn Middle School class of 2019. We are all very proud of you and your accomplishments.

As I said last night to the 8th graders:

“You are ‘moving on’ to the next challenge in life. And, in your case, your next challenge that awaits is high school. The transition to high school is a daunting challenge of navigating a bigger school, interacting with different peers, opening a different locker and meeting the rigorous learning expectations of the high school teachers. But, just know this, life is all about “moving on” to meet the next challenge. I encourage you to embrace change in life. When you begin getting very comfortable in life and set in your own ways, seek out new opportunities and challenges. Set more ambitious goals and dream big.”

Mayor Stephanie Burke and Assistant Principal Jody Liu also addressed the audience.

– Principal Tucci

Moving on ceremony 2019 picture

Source: Medford Public Schools, https://www.medfordpublicschools.org/2019/06/12/8th-grade-moving-on-ceremony/

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