Airplane Noise Update September 2020
A message from Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn:
I know a lot of residents, myself included, continue to have major concerns and frustration about the level of airplane traffic and noise over our community. Our amazing representatives to the FAA and Massport, Luke Preisner and Peter Houk, continue to advocate on behalf of the City of Medford at monthly meetings to try to get some resolution. Unfortunately, despite their efforts and numerous letters by local leaders, the FAA has indicated that they do not plan to conduct any additional review or study as to how to disperse air traffic over our communities. In fact, every single alternative concept presented for departures from runway 33L – the runway that most significantly impacts Medford – was rejected.
The 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act stated that the FAA will seek to “improve community involvement practices” and “consider the feasibility of dispersal headings or other lateral track variations to address community noise concerns.” The FAA has failed to accomplish these despite years of discussions and planning. I have drafted a letter to both Massport and the FAA that I hope my fellow Mayors and Town Managers in surrounding communities will join me in sending. I will also be elevating our community’s concerns to our State Elected Representatives to ask that they continue to advocate on behalf of our communities in seeing action taken on this important quality of life issue.
In the meantime, please continue to report complaints to Massport at or over the phone at the Massport Noise Complaint Line (617) 561-3333. Over the last few months, Medford residents have accounted for most of the reports to Massport – let’s keep up the pressure!

Source: City of Medford,

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