Announcing the New MPS PreK-8 Virtual Library Website

During this time, the school librarians hope that students can keep exploring, inquiring, and reading in whatever format that may be. To that end, we are working hard to collect high-quality, ad-free resources that encourage reading, literacy, and exploration.  

The MPS PreK-8 Virtual Library website brings together resources and links to help PreK-8 students to continue reading and to continue exploring topics in which they are interested.  Much in the same way that a student might come into the school library to browse and explore the books available, we hope that students will use this website to continue that exploration.

This website seeks to provide students and families with a central place to find well-curated resources.  There are so many resources out there and we know that it can be overwhelming. We also know that not all free resources are of the same quality and many include ads and references to other sites which may not be appropriate for all students. We cannot include every good resource, but we will be adding resources as we go, so be sure to check back weekly.  When available, we have included information about resource features such as audio, video, translation and language offerings, reading levels and other access features.

Remember that reading can:

  • Bring us together
  • Let us into a different world
  • Allow us to have time alone
  • Help us understand ourselves and others
  • Teach us how to do something new
  • Be fun and make us laugh

And remember that you are never too old to have a story read to you and you are never too young to share a story with someone else.  

If you have questions about the PreK-8 Virtual Library website and resources, please feel free to contact Kris Johnson (K-8) or Holly Lannen (K-5) at our school email: and 

Source: Medford Public Schools,

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