City of Medford Streetlight Upgrade to Begin

The City of Medford is set to begin a city-wide upgrade of 4,783 streetlights and 181 decorative lights to LED within the next few weeks. The project began in 2017 with an audit of all existing streetlights, the purchase of lights from National Grid and a pilot of sample lights this past spring. This upgrade will improve the color as well as quality of light throughout the City, increase safety for both pedestrians and drivers and reduce consumption.

Alicia Hunt, Director of Energy and Environment said, “the energy saved by this project will cut the cost of electricity of streetlights in the City by more than half, while also improving visibility throughout the City. It’s a real win-win.”

Mayor Stephanie M. Burke states that, “this project will improve the quality of life in the City, increase safety and help us achieve our goal of zero carbon by 2050. I’m thrilled with the great work by both our Office of Energy and Environment and the Superintendent of Wires as we see the upgrade to LED come to fruition over the next several months across the City.”

The conversion itself will take several months, with the installation company expected to install approximately 100 new fixtures a day and expected to finish in February. The City will also be installing controls, which will allow staff to know immediately when a fixture stops working to arrange for a repair in a timely manner. These controls have a “mesh technology”, meaning that the pattern of light installation may seem random to residents at first, but eventually the entire City will be complete. Coincidently, both the State and National Grid are also upgrading lights to LED on roadways in Medford. Recent upgrades include Fellsway West and some entrance and exit ramps to I-93. Residents can expect to see additional state roads converted to LED this winter.

The City would like to recognize the work of the Energy and Environment Office, the Energy Committee and all residents who provided their input and assisted with this beneficial project.

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