Columbus Elementary School Announces April Conduct & Citizenship Awards and WOW Awards

Each month the teachers at Columbus Elementary School choose one child in their classroom to win the Conduct and Citizenship Award.  The child chosen has given their best effort each day to be Responsible, Respectful, and Safe.  Here are some examples of what the student needs to accomplish to meet the award criteria:

  1. Obey the school rules;
  2. Obey the classroom rules;
  3. Arrive to school on time;
  4. Come to school prepared to work;
  5. Looking out for the welfare of others.

The following children received this award in the month of April 2018:

 KINDERGARTEN: Richelle DeSouza, Madden Fares, Jacoby Jackson, and Nayjah Nherisson

GRADE ONE:        Ethan Dong, Kevin Ronayne, Salvatore Tello, and Bernardo Vicente

GRADE TWO:       Nayla Caristhene and Lucille Haas

GRADE THREE:    James Atwell, Ryan DeSouza, Kevin Ferreira, and Giana Smithers

GRADE FOUR:      Kathy Pham, Eva Sommer, and Gigi Valdez-Melgar

GRADE FIVE:        Jennifer Flores-Castillo, Hailey Hernandez, and Tenzin Lhadon

In addition, the Columbus Elementary School is awarding students, staff, and families each week for performing works of wonder throughout the school day.  Our Columbus community constantly performs deeds that make another say, “WOW!”

We want to recognize these wonderful works therefore each week certain children, staff, and even family members will receive a “Works of Wonder – W.O.W.” certificate and pencil. Be sure to congratulate them for the recognized deeds.

April  – Works Of Wonder Award Winners: 

Kindergarten:      Bryanna Amaya, Lily Dutkiewicz, Olivia Farrell, Jovienne Lafleur, Lia Lambert, Evie McGoldrick, Quinn Monagle, Nathaniel Revert,  Wantony Pessoa, Enzo Scofield, Arihant Thapar, and Joanna Victor 

First Grade:        Dylan Amero, Delilah Atwell, Sarah Carbone, Jordan DePaulo,  Ethan Dong, Guilherme Godinho, Ruby Henney, Kaiden Jackson, Devin Janeiro, Julian Mueller, Juno Rushford, Junie Thero Basquin, Hart Veillard, Belen Vilchez-Portugal, and Amalia Weyant

Second Grade:     Bentley Bond,  Nicholas Elwood, Fiora Feraco, Joshua Luma, Skyla Medeiros, Kadisha Paul, Gabriella Seide, Dahntay Wahkor, and James Young

Third Grade:        Rosie Brouillard, Lilly Copithorne, Ryan Daley, Keren Degand, Gabriel De Oliveria, Ernaud Exantus, Kate Fowler, Jovy Guevara, Emily Huang, Laura Maximiano, Gianna Nucci, Brenny Pineda Rosales, Charlie Stefanopoulos, and Matthew Young 

Fourth  Grade:     Idalia Alas Lainez, Patricia Castillo, Lucia Cytacki, and Chloe Pappas

Fifth  Grade:        Alana Atwell, Alexandra Lombardo, David Maior, Mariah Mattull, Anthony Siekman, Jennifer Soirilus, and Jayden Wright

Staff & Community Members:  Mrs. Mustone’s Class, Miss Sullivan’s Class, Miss Vincent’s Class, Mrs. Wendy Anderson, Jenna Agnone, Hannah Chan, Sofia DiMeo, Danny Diskin, Erin Diskin,  Mrs. Donnelly, Mrs. Foti, Mr. Geehan, Mr. Haberstroh, Miss Howell, Niamh Jacques, Dr. Karpetian, Mrs. Keddy, Ms. Kruczkowski, Mr. Jerry Kruczkowski, Mrs. Latorella, Ms. Lepore, Mrs. Madigan,  Mr. Ouellette, Mrs. Roberto, Mikhayla Rothermel, Mrs. Ververis, and Miss Vincent


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