CPA Application Packet

The Community Preservation Committee is pleased to open the first round of applications for Medford’s Community Preservation Fund.

Up to $2.6M (from the first two years of revenues) will be available over two rounds of funding in 2018 for capital projects relating to open space and recreation, historic preservation, and affordable housing.

Applicants for projects requesting CPA funding must fall in one of three categories: City of Medford department or division, Organization legally registered in Massachusetts, or Individual proposing a CPA eligible project on property they own themselves. If you are interested in applying for CPA funding but do not fall into one of these categories, you will need to apply with a co-applicant that fits into one of these categories who will be able to manage the project finances.

Key dates for 2018:

– November 27, 2017 – Introduction Meeting for First Round of CPA funding

– December 15, 2017- Eligibility determination forms due (Round 1)

– March 1, 2018- Full applications due (Round 1)

– April 2018- Applicants present at community meetings (Round 1)

– April 15, 2018 – Eligibility determination forms due (Round 2)

– July 15, 2018 – Applicants submit funding applications (Round 2)

– September, 2018 – Applicants present at community meetings (Round 2)

Application forms may be downloaded here.

Anyone who would like to consider applying for Community Preservation Funds is encouraged to contact Danielle Evans at For more information on Medford’s Community Preservation goals, priorities, and project evaluation criteria, please refer to the Community Preservation Plan (draft).

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