Credit For Life Financial Literacy Fair April 5

The 2nd Annual Credit for Life Financial Literacy Fair will be held in the gym of Medford High School on Friday, April 5, 2019, from 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

This Fair is for the junior class and it began last year with grant from State Treasurer Deb Goldberg’s office. The State Treasurer just approved Medford High for an additional grant for this year’s event!

Over 300 students will take part in the fair, which is a participatory exercise in real life activities such as work and paying bills.

Students have selected a profession. They will dress up as if they are “heading to work” and they will receive a monthly budget sheet to complete. Each of the students will visit the following tables and have to figure out how to live on their “salary:” Utilities, Credit Counseling, Education/Training, Part Time Jobs, Nutrition/Health, Clothing, Savings & Retirement, Housing, Health & Dental Insurance, Luxury, Credit/Lending, Insurance, Reality Check, Transportation, and Furniture.

This year, math teachers have added financial literacy to their curriculum, so students are even better prepared for the event.

Last year’s event was a great success. The students enjoyed it and learned a lot (see blog post here and video here).

We are still looking for adults who might be able to volunteer to assist us with the fair. If interested, please email Lisa Evangelista at

Source: Medford Public Schools,

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