Dr. Marice Edouard-Vincent Selected as New School Superintendent


Mayor Stephanie Muccini Burke announced that Dr. Marice Edouard-Vincent, a Medford native, received a unanimous vote of the Medford School Committee, to become the new Superintendent of the Medford Public Schools. Currently, Dr. Edouard-Vincent serves as a Network Superintendent for the Boston Public Schools and has been with Boston for 24 years.

Paulette Van der Kloot, the senior member of the Member School Committee, nominated Dr. Edouard-Vincent as her choice, stating: “We have two terrific candidates. We learned so much from both of them. Mr. Martellone, a Medford resident, is very well respected, and will make a great Superintendent in his future. I feel Dr. Edouard-Vincent is the person who will bring our community together”. Mrs. Van der Kloot put forth the motion to formally elect Dr. Edouard-Vincent and it was seconded by Mr. Ruggiero.

Erin DiBenedetto, stated: “As Mrs. Van der Kloot said, we have two amazing candidates. Mr. Martellone impressed me as he was all about the child. Dr. Edouard-Vincent has strengths in curriculum and structure and we need that here.”

Kathy Kreatz stated: “I too agree, we have two great candidates. I wish we could pick both. But something that Dr. Edouard-Vincent said early in her interview stuck with me …I listen with both ears. I really respect that. Both candidates were exceptional. It’s unfortunate that we can only choose one. “

Michael Ruggiero stated: “Thank you to the Search Committee, the School Committee, Mayor Burke and Superintendent Belson for all of their hard work on this most important issue. We have two excellent candidates and I really think the site visits to the candidate’s present districts really decided it for me. Dr. Edouard-Vincent is a very well respected educator with the Boston Public Schools. I would like for us to send a letter of appreciation to our fellow Medford resident, Mr. Martellone.”

Paul Ruseau stated: “We had (23) applicants in total for this job. We choose (8) to interview and sent (4) to the full School Committee for the public interview process. While I found some of the candidates to be cut from the same cloth, overall, the candidates were very different, bringing very different skills to the table. The finalists candidates have such energy and total commitment and that impressed me most. Mr. Martellone, was an incredible candidate, and we’d be happy with him too. But there are no prizes for 2nd place. I agree with Mr. Ruggiero the site visits really brought it home for me. The candidates had very different insights…I want all of them!”

Mea Mustone stated: “I am thrilled with Dr. Edouard-Vincent! Her ideas for the district are awesome.”

Mayor Stephanie Burke stated: “I concur with my colleagues . When we visited Boston, I realized Dr. Edouard-Vincent has a grasp on so many issues. She knew everyone in the system, whether a custodian, director, teacher or staff person. Everyone in the schools she worked in had something amazing to say about her. She is not only bilingual, but is also trained extensively in trauma. I feel she will provide a safe environment for our students, as well as, get to the root of issues. Dr. Edouard-Vincent has a growth mind set…it’s not all about MCAS scores. It’s how the student grows over the year. I am happy to be able to bring her back to her roots. I believe she will commit to Medford and make it her landing spot.”

Then a roll call vote was taken and Dr. Edouard-Vincent was elected with a 7-0 vote. Mayor Burke asked that no one present in the room report this out to social media, until both of the finalists could be notified. Mayor Burke called Dr. Edouard-Vincent to inform her that she was Medford’s selection. Dr. Edouard-Vincent said she was honored to be chosen and excited by the opportunity. The School Committee then went into executive session to begin contract discussions for Dr. Edouard-Vincent.

Immediately after the Committee of the Whole’s executive session, the School Committee entered their regular meeting and nominated Dr. Edouard-Vincent on the floor. Again, a roll call vote was held and again, Dr. Edouard-Vincent received 7-0 vote.

Over the course of the next week, Dr. Edouard-Vincent and the Medford School Committee will meet to negotiate a contract.

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