Driver’s Education Classes begin on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 2:30 pm.

Classes are held in room B217 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 to 4:00 pm. Application forms are available in the High School main office or in room V212 (Health Assisting).

Completed registration forms are only accepted in room V212 to Mrs. Trofimow or in room B217 to Mr. Jon Brown.

A $249 deposit (bank check or money order only) should accompany the registration form. Payment can also be made by epayment that is available on this website. Please forward a copy of the receipt of epayment to Mrs. Trofimow at The class will be filled on a first come, first served basis and the deposit is required to hold your place in the class.

The MHS course is in full compliance with the RMV requirements and the $649 payment includes the following:

– 30 hours of class instruction (RMV approved curriculum)
– 1 class for parent/guardian (mandatory)
– 12 hours of road instruction and 6 hours of observation

A mandatory 2 Hour Parent Class is scheduled twice each semester. One evening and one Saturday class will be available. Dates will be announced to your child.

The MHS Driver Education Program is self-sustaining and every effort is made to keep it affordable, therefore a fee is necessary.

Fee: $649
Installment 1: $249 upon registration
Installment 2: $100 due on or before 10th class
Installment 3 $100 due on or before 15th class
Installment 4: $200 final payment due on or before final class (all payment must be completed prior to road instruction. There is a $35 missed appointment fee for any road lesson missed without a 24 hour cancellation.

When road lessons are complete, a $20.00 fee is due to the RMV for the certificate prior to booking a road test appointment. Road tests are not done through the school, and are the student/parent responsibility to book with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Only Money Orders, Bank Checks, and Epayments (link) can be accepted (no personal checks) made payable to “Medford Public Schools.” No refunds after the second class meeting.

Class meetings (20) are after school (2:30 pm) Tuesdays and Thursdays in Room B-217.

Once full payment has been made and a Learner’s Permit has been obtained, driving and observation hours are scheduled for after school. Weekends, and vacations may be available by arrangement.

All classroom (30 hours), driving (12 hours), and observation requirements (6 hours) and parent class must be completed, (along with the $20.00 payment) before an RMV Driver Education Certificate can be issued. Absences must be made up.

Enrollment is limited and demand is high. The class will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

ATTENTION STUDENTS AND PARENTS: As per Mass. Law and RMV regulations, all students have only 2 years to complete all the requirements to become certified as having taken Driver Education. This begins on the date of your first class.

Further information may be obtained through email:

Source: Medford Public Schools,

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