May 21, 2020

Good Afternoon MPS Elementary Families,

I hope you and your families are doing well during this pandemic.  We are living in such difficult times right now.  The stress you have been under is significant as you work from home.  The additional challenge of remote learning certainly is demanding as well.  When I hold Zoom meetings with our administrative team, I often see their children climbing into their laps, asking questions or sometimes the parents are starting dinner. So, hats off to all of you!

I wanted to share with you some upcoming information as we move towards the end of the school year.  Each principal and their kindergarten staff will present a virtual kindergarten tour of their school to prospective new families. Our schools will be giving their virtual kindergarten presentation within the next few weeks.  Check your schools’ website for more information. Please make sure you email the principals or me with any questions. Our emails are the first letter of our first name, the last name and So, my email is

We are also planning to post the K-1 Transition PowerPoint for those families who have kindergarteners going into first grade. Don’t hesitate to email the principal or me with questions about transitioning to first grade. I am sure your teachers will also be happy to speak to you about this transition.

As our grade five children move to middle school, we are organizing a special event. This is usually a fun time of year for them. We normally have Junior Olympics and our grade five “Moving On” ceremonies. This year we are going to try an outdoor “Clap Out”.  Also, thanks to our PTOs, there will be additional surprises for our grade five students.  Additional information will be forthcoming as we move closer to the end of our year.

The elementary schools usually have a field day every year but this year will be different. The Physical Education department is presenting a “Virtual Field Day” from June 1-June 5. Rachel Perry will be forwarding information to the principals to send to you. It looks like fun!

Principals are also organizing end of year procedures regarding students’ materials and personal belongings.  In the next few weeks teachers will be going into school (masks, gloves and social distancing of course) and collecting your child’s belongings and placing these materials in a plastic bag with your child’s name attached. They will send you a schedule of how and when to pick up these materials. Most schools will use a few different outside locations. Stay tuned for dates, times and grade level pick up.

Lastly, our teaching staff has been working diligently to ensure your children receive the best education possible. It has not been easy for them either!  We are already making plans for the next school year. Guidance of course needs to come from the Governor, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and our Health Department.  Our “new normal” will include a lot work on the Social Emotional Health of our students. We will provide workshops for our teachers in this area as well.

We value your input so let us know how we can help you.  Thank you for all you have done to support Medford Public Schools. Please contact me at if you have any questions.


Diane J. Caldwell, Associate Superintendent of Schools

Source: Medford Public Schools,

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