Krystle Campbell Community Betterment Project Announced!

(Photos by Abby Brady, MVTHS Media Technology Program)

Today, at the Medford Vocational Technical High School, on behalf of The Boston Foundation and the Family of Krystle Campbell,  it  was announced that The Krystle Campbell Community Betterment Project, will partner with The Medford Public Schools and The Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility at Medford High School.


Superintendent Roy Belson welcomed everyone to the event.  Mayor Burke welcomed this partnership and stated:  “You run for Krystle.   We run for Krystle.  This is a wonderful project that will keep her light shining bright in our community”.


Krystle had a great circle of friends, who wanted to keep her memory alive.  As her friend Elliott Nerland explained; “We decided to get a team together in Krystle’s name to run the Boston Marathon.  I haunted the BAA to provide us with bibs.  The year after the bombings, the BAA provided us with 15 bibs.  Thereafter, they have provided 10 bibs.  All the monies raised by our group was given to the Boston Foundation who agreed to work with us to set up a charitable fund in Krystle’s name.  We would like to thank the Boston Foundation for their help and of course, the Campbell Family, for their love and support.  All of the runners, there have been 43 in total, were friends with Krystle or friends of friends of Krystle.  We kept it tight because we didn’t want to lose the fact that Krystle, first and foremost, was our friend”.


Mr. Nerland then read the Mission Statement forThe Krystle Campbell Project.  “The Krystle Campbell Community Betterment Project is a partnership between The Krystle Campbell Memorial Fund at The Boston Foundation, and the Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility (CCSR) program of the Medford Public Schools. The purpose of this initiative will be to identify and financially support student driven projects that benefit the community.  As part of this new partnership, the students involved in the CCSR will propose and develop projects to spread Krystle’s enthusiasm for bringing people together and fostering community spirit. Medford Public Schools students from across grade levels will propose and create projects that focus on understanding and helping others, incorporating social-emotional learning, empathy, compassion and citizenship. The projects will lay the groundwork for reducing violence and encouraging an environment of peace, collaboration, and friendship. We believe that through this partnership, the student’s contributions and emphasis on community, we will continue to honor Krystle’s enthusiastic personality for years to come.”


Mr. Richard Trotta and Mr. Michael Skorker, advisors to CCSR, both spoke of their excitement for this partnership as they feel it is a natural fit.  “CCSR preaches compassion and empathy, which seems to describe Krystle Campbell perfectly”, said Trotta.  Mr. Skorker said, “I’m honored that you chose CCSR for this partnership.  I did not know Krystle.  But some of my friends did, and they told me how happy Krystle would have been to know that this positive program was developed at her high school”.


Coach Jack Dempsey and the Girls Softball Team have, since day the day after the Marathon Bombings, have  dedicated their seasons to Krystle.  To that end, tomorrow and Sunday, is the 5th Annual Krystle Campbell Memorial Softball Tournament, featuring Medford, Billerica, Arlington Catholic and Swampscott High Schools.  Funds raised will go towards the Campbell Scholarship given to a graduating MHS senior.  Since the tournament began, it has raised over $40,000 for the scholarship fund.


Superintendent Belson summed it up best, “there is a quote that reads how one person can truly make a difference in the world.  This project truly is a tribute to the type of person Krystle Campbell was”.

Those in attendance were serenaded with musical selections from the Medford High School String Ensemble, under the direction of Mr. Anthony Szykniej.  Present at the event, included:  Council President Rick Caraviello, School Committee Members Paulette Van der Kloot, Kathy Kreatz, and Paul Ruseau, Assistant Superintendent Diane Caldwell, Director of Curriculum Bernadette Ricciardelli, Principal/Director of MVTHS Chad Fallon, Associate Principal/Director Jill Sawyer, Director of Technology Molly Laden, Athletic Director Bob Maloney,  Director of Health Toni Vento, Supervisor of Science Rocco Cieri, and the Supervisor of Physical Education Rachel Perry.  Special thanks to Cameron Casey of Ropes & Gray, as well as, the MVTHS Graphic Arts Department and Wegmans for their donations to the success of this event.


MUSICAL SELECTIONS … Provided by the Medford High School String Ensemble

WELCOME  – Mr. Roy Belson, Superintendent of Schools

REMARKS – Mayor Stephanie Burke

REMARKS – Ms. Cameron Casey, Ropes & Gray; Mr. Elliott Nerland, Ms. Bonnie Fleischer, & Ms. Erin Daly, on behalf of The Boston Foundation & Krystle Campbell’s Family

THE CENTER FOR CITIZENSHIP & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Mr. Richard Trotta, Director, Center for Citizenship & Social Responsibility & Mr. Michael Skorker, Coordinator/MHS Advisor

CCSR STUDENT REMARKS – Jenna Agnone , Luiza Barbosa and Stella Eliopoulos

MUSTANG GIRLS SOFTBALL TEAM REMARKS – Coach Jack Dempsey & Haley DiPietrantonio



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