Mustang Way Banner

Mustang Way Banner

(Submitted by students, Bella O’Brien and Brady Leite)

Here at the McGlynn Middle School and in Medford, the “Mustang Way” is a motto that we abide by in school and in our everyday lives.

Seventh grade CCSR students Bella O’Brien and Brady Leite wanted to create a banner to display what the Mustang Way means to McGlynn Middle School students and faculty. They collaborated with Mr. Tucci, Mrs. Fee, and Ms. Olsen.

Their goal was to have students’ artwork portrayed on the banner so they are always encouraged to fulfill the Mustang Way. Current sixth and seventh grade students were given the opportunity to portray what the Mustang Way meant to them with words, images and symbols. These cards created the checkerboard background for the banner. The student input was a valuable piece to the project, because the students represent the true meaning of the Mustang Way. The logo of a Mustang head was added, as well as a quote reading, “Mustang Way…every day!”

This CCSR project was made possible by grants from the Cummings Foundation and the Krystle Campbell Betterment Project.

Source: Medford Public Schools,

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