On the heels of a major victory for commercial drone use, the National Association of Realtors® was invited by the White House this week to attend a workshop on “Drones and the Future of Aviation.”

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, along with the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Foundation, hosted the event to draw on the expertise of policy leaders like NAR as the industry prepares for the implementation of new rules for commercial drone use. 

Michael Labout, NAR Vice President and Liaison to Committees, represented NAR at the event.

Discussions  focused on both the near- and long-term implications of unmanned aircraft systems in commercial applications. Topics included airspace integration, the potential of drones to aid in important research, job creation, and potential improvements in the way government agencies and companies do business.

Experts also discussed further actions that might be taken to strengthen safety, security, and privacy protections in this emerging field.

“Our goal is to make sure our members have every opportunity to take advantage of the tools and technology they need to serve their clients, including drones,”  said NAR President Tom Salomone. “Today’s events are another example of how Realtors® are leading the way to promote technology in the business of real estate.”

NAR worked closely with the Federal Aviation Administration and industry experts to create a clearer pathway for drone use in the business of real estate. The FAA published a final rule in June, and that rule goes into effect in August.

Following the event at the White House, NAR teamed with Google in hosting an event to commemorate the recent victory for commercial drone users.

“Realtors® know that staying ahead of the competition means being on the cutting edge of what’s new in our industry,” said Salomone.  “We look forward to seeing what’s next as commercial drone use grows into the future.”

Source: NAR Newsline
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