School Committee Meeting January 13, 2020

Medford School Committee
Regular Meeting – January 13, 2020
Council Chambers – 7:00PM

I. Roll Call and Salute the Flag

II. Approval of Minutes of January 6, 2020

III. Approval of Bills/Transfer of Funds and Approval of Payrolls

IV. Report of Secretary

V. Report of Committees

VI. Community Participation

VII. Report of Superintendent

Superintendent’s Updates and Comments

Proposed Meeting Dates: Budget Committee of the Whole FY21 – Kirsteen Patterson

Report on Department of Health Services Best Practices – Toni Wray

Report on English Learners – Paul Teixeira

Report on Credit for Life – Dr. Bernadette Ricciardelli

Report on Medford Community Fund Awards – Diane Caldwell

VIII. Old Business

IX. Communications

X. New Business

Request to Present New Options for Agenda Formatting (Tabled 1/6/20)

School Committee Resolution
Be it resolved, that the Medford School Committee express its sincere condolences to the
family of Francis Caratelli. Mr. Caratelli was the husband of former Fulton Elementary School and Davenport Elementary School teacher the late Rosemarie Caratelli.

XI. Negotiations and Legal Matters

Requested Reports:
Out-of-District Students Enrolled in Medford Schools (3/6/19)
CBA Requests (4/3/19)
Security Checklist Protocol (4/3/19)
Inventory of Large Equipment at All Schools (4/3/19)
Focus on K-2 (10/11/19)
Process for Onboarding New Staff (10/15/19)
Report on Minimum Wage Throughout District (11/18/19)
Complete Financial Analysis of Before and After School Programs (11/18/19)
Complete Before and After School Budget (11/18/19)
Study: Universal After School Coverage (11/18/19)

Source: Medford Public Schools,

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