School Committee Meeting Monday, May 21, 2018

Medford School Committee
Regular Meeting – May 21, 2018
Council Chambers – 7:00 p.m.

I. Approval of Minutes of May 7, 2018
Approval of Tabled Minutes of April 9, 2018

II. Approval of Bills/Transfer of Funds

III. Approval of Payrolls

IV. Report of Secretary

V. Report of Committees
– Committee of the Whole Minutes – May 17, 2018

VI. Community Participation
– Anthony Petrelis – Community Buzz-Off
– Shawn Driscoll- Gomez – CCSR

VII. Report of Superintendent

1. Report on Building Bridges to Kindergarten

2. Report on Columbus After School Math Tutoring Program

3. Report on Student Award – Foreign Language

4. Report on Seal of Biliteracy

5. Pre Budget Report – Foreign Language

6. Pre Budget Report – EL

7. Negotiations and Legal Matter
– Collective Bargaining Contract Update
– Contract Negotiation with Superintendent Elect
– Update on Legal Matters

VIII. Old Business
– Lesley University and Medford Public Schools Partnership Agreement
– Middle School Selection Decision

IX. Communications

X. New Business

– Shore Collaborative Quarterly Report – Member Ruseau

– Discussion of Application of Open Meeting Law to Electronic Devices – Member Ruseau

– Discussion of Pending Legislation on Recess – Member Ruseau

XI. Requested Reports

– Report on PTO’s including how they are helping community and what they are working on (4/24/17)

– Update report on solar panels (2/5/18)

– Detailed report on the use of facilities to be included with the quarterly financial report (2/5/18)

– Financial Report on Extra-Curricular Camps (3/5/18)

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