On Monday, December 9th, student athletes from Medford High joined Ms. Olsen and inspirational leaders from the community to discuss leadership.

Student athletes introduced our volunteer leaders and asked them questions to help guide them to be more effective leaders. Our leadership panel included Mayor Stephanie M. Burke, Chief Jack Buckley, Principal Mr. Nick Tucci, Tufts Football Head Coach Jay Civetti, Tufts Football Masters student, Frank Roche, and US Women’s Lacrosse player, Kayla Treanor. The evening also included a video sent from Milwakwee Bucks shooting guard, Pat Connaughton.

All of these speakers have numerous achievements that helped them develop into the leaders they are today. Each and every member of the panel discussed the who and the what that inspired them to work that much harder.

We ended the panel with the question, “Why is it important to be a leader?” The message helped student athletes understand the valuable lessons they learn through athletics and how they are transferable to other areas of our lives.

Student athletes involved: Riley McBrine, Siobhon Paras, Rebekah Rinchere, Aidan Barry, Eli Fortune, Amanda Auditore, Madison Rosselle

student leadership panel

student leadership panel

Source: Medford Public Schools,

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