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Sanctuary United Church of Christ hosts the AM 2 PM program – a one week intensive community service program targeted toward high school students. From morning (AM) till night (PM), 15-20 participants will Adore Medford (AM) to Prosper Medford (PM). The students will engage the community through various kinds of service, ranging from classical modes to more emergent ways of being sanctuary.

The youth have earn around 50 of the community service hours they needed to fulfill graduation requirements. That way, when the school year begins, the bulk of their attention can be focused on academics. In terms of character development, through AM.2.PM students will increase their leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and expand their social consciousness. Moreover, this program can be included on their resumes and college applications.

Here are some of the projects the kids will be experiencing. Adults (CORI Check will be required) are encouraged to join the fun, too!

  • Monday, August 8, Mystic River Clean Up (9 – noon)
  • Monday, August 8, Shiloh Baptist Maintenance Projects
  • Tuesday, August 9, UU Medford Food Pantry (9 – 4)
  • Wednesday, August 10, Brooks Estate Maintenance (9-2)
  • Wednesday, August 10, Being Served at Bread of Life Dinner (4 – 7)
  • Thursday, August 11 – Medford Senior Center Service (9 – 2)
  • Thursday, August 11, (3 – 5) and/or (5 – 7:30) Cook and Serve at Bread of Life, Malden
  • Friday, August 12, 2 pm – Take a guided walk to Wrights Tower (Friends of the Fells)
  • Saturday. August 13 – Support Summer Festival at Evangelical Haitian Church of West Medford (9 – 6)
  • Sunday, August 14 – Serve at Hoops to Hope Fund Raiser (West Medford Community Center) (12 noon to 6)

Click on the Donate button to help cover the costs of the program.

Click on the Volunteer Button to donate food, drinks, meals, and/or help chaperone/drive. 

CORI and National Sex Offender Data Base Check will be run by Sanctuary.

Source: Sanctuary United Church of Christ
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