The World Series Winner Is…

The World Series kicks off tonight and it’s already been on heck of an October of playoff baseball.

Who can forget (yours truly hasn’t) Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander Clayton Kershaw causing Washington Nationals fans to make react like this when he came jogging out of the bullpen in the 9th inning of an electrifying Game 5. Or that a Cleveland Indians pitcher had to be removed from the game after bleeding profusely from a severe cut on his pitching hand caused by a drone.

And that’s before the fact that this year’s World Series match-up pits two teams (Chicago Cubs and Indians) that haven’t been to the Fall Classic in several decades. For the Cubs, 1908 was the last time they raised a championship banner. To put that in perspective, President Theodore Roosevelt was finishing up the last year of his second term back then.

Earlier this month, we looked at who would be the World Series champion if the winner was determined based on the home price movements of each team’s city. With two final teams remaining, only the Indians are left as a possibility from the four potential outcomes.

It looks like Cleveland will be celebrating their first World Series championship since 1948. Sorry Cubs fans, the ‘Curse of the Billy Goat’ lives on!

The winner is…the Cleveland Indians! 

If the World Series winner is the team with the lowest median home price, the Cleveland Indians will be the champions.

If the World Series winner is the team with the highest median home price, the San Francisco Giants will be the champions.

If the World Series winner is the team with the fastest price appreciation (YoY), the Toronto Blue Jays will be the champions.

If the World Series winner is the team with the slowest price appreciation (YoY), the Washington Nationals will be the champions.

Teams/Second Quarter Median Single-family Home Price
Boston Red Sox – $435,800 (5.1 percent)
Chicago Cubs – $246,400 (6.9 percent)
Cleveland Indians – $138,100 (6.5 percent)
Los Angeles Dodgers – $480,000 (6.9 percent)
San Francisco Giants – $885,600 (9.5 percent)
Texas Rangers (Dallas) – $232,200 (7.9 percent)
Toronto Blue Jays* – $662,300 (17.2 percent)
Washington Nationals – $406,900 (1.4 percent)

Source: NAR Newsline
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