Ugandan School Fundraiser Thank You

Nalusse school lunch

Thank you to everyone who helped make our goal of over $1,600.00 to assist the Nalusse Primary School in purchasing supplies to buy enough food for about half a year’s worth of nutritious hot lunches for students in Uganda.

A very special thanks to Dave Lamb for jumping in and assisting with his amazing Builders’ Club, who WERE HIGHLY INSTRUMENTAL IN HELPING US SURPASS OUR GOAL OF $1,300.

To date we have raised over $1,600- almost a half a year’s worth of nutritious hot lunches!!

We are very proud of our kids who spent the past month washing cars, selling cookies, growing and selling plants, participating in hat day, sponsoring a Hunger Day, and doing dance raffles and dunk tanks! They are kind, enterprising, and global-thinking young people.

Source: Medford Public Schools,

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