WCVB News Anchor, Doug Meehan, Visits With MHS/MTHS Students


WCVB (Channel 5) News Anchor, Doug Meehan,

Visits With MHS/MTHS Students

Today, Doug Meehan, News Anchor for WCVB, Channel 5, visited Medford High School to speak students  in the media classes at Medford High and the Medford Technical High School.  Doug Meehan grew up in West Yarmouth, and is a graduate of Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School and Westfield State University.  He serves as the co-anchor for the 5-7 AM Weekend EyeOpener, as well as, the Saturday and Sunday, 8 AM newscasts.  He also contributes as a general assignment reporter.  He came to WCVB in December of 2015 from KPNX-TV in Phoenix, AZ where he had served for nearly three years as a news anchor.

His prior experience includes:  serving as the host (for 2 years) of “The Doug Meehan Show” on Boston’s WTKK 96.9 FM, as well as, a contributor on The Wall Street Journal Radio Network in New York. In addition, he worked for six and half years, as Boston’s first and only full-time helicopter reporter, covering traffic and breaking news for Boston’s WFXT-TV (Fox 25).  

Meehan also worked at Boston’s WHDH-TV as a reporter and relief anchor. He also served as anchor and host of “Good Morning Texas” at WFAA-TV in Dallas, TX; was a reporter at KTVT-TV also in Dallas; and served as an anchor at WTSP-TV, Tampa, FL and KEYE-TV in Austin, TX. Before leaving New England, Meehan was a news, weather, and sports anchor at WPRI-TV in Providence, RI, and prior to that he was a reporter at New England Cable News. He began his news career as an anchor and reporter at Cape 11 News in South Yarmouth, MA.

The students had a number of questions for him, but one of the first asked him; “What was your first job?”  “I was about 12 years old and I was a model on the first ever computer game released by Milton Bradley, entitled Comp IV!”  

Doug began his media career by working at Westfield State’s radio station and later the local radio station for Westfield where he played music and read news in the basement of a local home.  Since that time, Doug has worked at (16) different radio and/or TV stations in his career.  For a time, Doug served as a physical education teacher on the Cape by day, and did radio by night, and on weekends anchored Cape 11 News.  


What were some of the best stories you covered? –  “Flying with the Air Force Thunderbirds in a F16, pulling 9 1/2 G’s.  It’s the only plane that can accelerate going straight up.  I swear we took off from Barnstable Airport and in 30 seconds we were over Provincetown!  I also had the opportunity to fly with the Army’s Golden Knights.  The Golden Knights are the Army’s Parachute Team.  I was harnessed to a Golden Knight and we jumped together from the plane.  Amazing!”


What areas or cities are up and coming for media? –  “I would say Austin, Texas.  It is cutting edge with a lot of tech in the area.  It was the first tv station to use digital editing.  Boston is always ahead of the curve and of course New York and Los Angeles.  But any cities with a lot of high-tech and young people, tend to be more cutting edge”, said Meehan.  

Who are some famous people you have met?-  “I interviewed Bruce Willis on the red carpet in Berlin, I met Mother Teresa when she was in Providence, Rhode Island visiting her Convent, and I interviewed Tom Cruise.  Tom Cruise is probably the most favorite person who I have interviewed.”  This past February, Doug reported from the Super Bowl in Houston.  During the 2013 Boston Terrorists Bombings, Doug was working in  Phoenix, Arizona.  The station decided to fly him to Boston, so he could report on it from a personal prospective.


Who inspired you? – “One of my college professor’s who taught, Writing for TV & Radio.  I wasn’t the best student and the long term papers required in other classes often caused me a lot of grief.  This class required me to tell a story in 30 seconds!  I had found my thing”, said Meehan.

What was your worse professional moment or decision? – “My worse professional moment, also would become a good one.  Let me explain.  I was interviewing for an anchor position in San Francisco and they really wanted me.  I had also interviewed for an anchor and host of a morning show in Dallas.  Although the San Francisco position offered me twice the salary of the Dallas position, I took the Dallas one.  I started in September and we were cancelled by February!  But I know I did the right thing, as I knew I wouldn’t have enjoyed the San Francisco job.  My Dad passed away suddenly and I no longer had a job and then 9/11 happened.  CBS Dallas was looking for reporters and I got back to work, but I had decided that I wanted to move back home.  I heard the news director who I had interviewed with, while in San Francisco was now based in Boston.  I called him up, told him my plans, and he said, get here and we’ll get you a job, which he did”.


What advice do you have for students looking to begin their media careers?  “Show up and never give up!  You are going to hear the word no, more than the word, yes.  You will have people who help you … keep them around.  Believe in yourself”, said Meehan.  He left them with a story.  “In 1989, I was working my first job that paid, $13,000 a year.  My friend and I were going out after work and I was literally counting change in my car to pay for a drink.  I looked at my friend and said, what are we doing?  He said to me, Doug, we are one day closer to our future careers!  He was right, he is now a reporter for ESPN!”

Also in attendance, included:  Superintendent Roy Belson, Deputy Superintendent Beverly Nelson, Assistant Superintendent Diane Caldwell, and teachers,  Krissie Fraser & Lisa Dunphy.


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