WMCC Afterschool Youth Club Now Enrolling for the 2018 – 2019 School Year


Our mission is to provide youth from grade 4 – 8 with opportunities to complete homework, get tutoring assistance, build social skills, utilize computer access, and to learn from our adult and youth leaders, all to make them productive, educated, socially apt, aware and prepared for the future to come.

Our goals are to:

  1. Reassure parents their children have a safe and nurturing environment,
  2. Provide an enriching environment where these kids can learn and grow, and
  3. Provide a place where parent, youth leaders and the youth come together to produce a safe, fun and healthy experience.

By bringing in families from all areas and walks of life, we are building a community that can thrive into the future.


The Afterschool Youth Club is available every day school is in session (including early release days) from when the kids get dropped off from the school buses until 6:00 PM.  (*)

(*) Both Medford Junior High Schools and the Brooks Elementary School will drop the kids off on the intersection of Arlington and Harvard, three houses down from our facility.  Because the West Medford Community Center is a multi-use facility providing a variety of program through the day, we do not have the physical space for the kids on days the schools are not in session.


We provide space, time, and mentoring for doing homework for all the youth attending.  We have access to both computers, printers, and internet access for all the children, to facilitate homework assignments. (*)

(*) We utilize paid staff, as well as work study and volunteer placements from Tufts University to support the kids with their homework.  Our internet usage has parent security software installed, and is always monitored by an adult assigned to our computer lab.

Additional activities will be provided to all of the youth on a daily basis.  Programming will reflect both activities that are planned by the adult staff, and those ideas the kids themselves generate, and will include (but not be limited to) sports and physical activities, cooking, arts and crafts, robotics and computer games.

You can get additional information about our Afterschool program from:

Our Facebook Page:    A Better Tomorrow Medford

Or contact us by:

Phone:                         781-483-3042

e-mail:                         wmccbill@gmail.com

2017 2018 AYC Application


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